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Help make all our schools (Black) Family Friendly – Feb 13 @ 2:00pm!

Hi everyone! We’ve been hearing some interesting observations about the experience of Black families in SF schools, and have decided to make this the focus of our upcoming meeting. For example, Davonna commented that, as a Black mom, she would never send

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Segregation and The Best San Francisco Schools You’ve Never Heard Of.

(This article was originally posted by JuliePhung on December 30, 2015. Click here to see more content on parenting, race, and education.)  tl/dr: Join the San Francisco Families’ Union January 9th at the African American Art and Culture Center in an

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The new segregation: How can we have racial harmony when our kids go to separate schools?

(This article was originally posted on Click here to see more content on parenting, race, and education.) Years after Brown vs. Board of Education, are schools remain as segregated as ever. It’s time to talk about integrating our schools. How can we

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