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¿Escuela pública o Escuela Chárter? – Conozca sus derechos

[Read this in English.] Ya sea que sus hijos vayan a una escuela pública o a una escuela chárter, ¡ellos (y usted) tienen derechos! Sin embargo, las escuelas chárter no tienen que seguir todas las reglas que las escuelas públicas

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Public School or Charter School? – Know Your Rights

[Lea esto en español.] Whether your children go to a public school or a charter school, they (and you) have rights! Charter schools don’t have to follow all of the rules that public schools do though. There are other rules

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A school assignment system for 2016 or the 1960s?

This is a report back from the SFUSD Ad Hoc Student Assignment System Committee meeting November 29, 2016. At a moment when President-Elect Trump is talking about “making America great again” there’s a surprising way that San Francisco is closer

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My impressions of Cobb (Dr. William L. Cobb Elementary School)

Our guest blogger Laura Lifland (super mom and emerging writer) was taken aback at the responses from friends when she told them her child had been assigned to Cobb in the first round of the SFUSD lottery this year. Dismayed

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Segregation and The Best San Francisco Schools You’ve Never Heard Of.

(This article was originally posted by JuliePhung on December 30, 2015. Click here to see more content on parenting, race, and education.)  tl/dr: Join the San Francisco Families’ Union January 9th at the African American Art and Culture Center in an

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