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True Voices of the Bayview

Parent and Community Members Speak up about Charters For several months now, parents, community members, and labor leaders in San Francisco have been pushing back on a billionaire-backed “astroturfing” organization that has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Walton

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¿Escuela pública o Escuela Chárter? – Conozca sus derechos

[Read this in English.] Ya sea que sus hijos vayan a una escuela pública o a una escuela chárter, ¡ellos (y usted) tienen derechos! Sin embargo, las escuelas chárter no tienen que seguir todas las reglas que las escuelas públicas

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Public School or Charter School? – Know Your Rights

[Lea esto en español.] Whether your children go to a public school or a charter school, they (and you) have rights! Charter schools don’t have to follow all of the rules that public schools do though. There are other rules

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How Much Charters Schools *Really* Cost

Even “good” charters come at a cost to our public education system. Last week, In the Public Interest, a research and policy center promoting the democratic control of public goods and services, released a report that measures how much charter

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An Open Letter to SF Families and Community Members about Innovate

Who is Innovate? Over the past few weeks, SF Families Union has been working with parent leaders, educators, and local California NAACP education directors to investigate a Walton (Walmart) Family-funded organization named Innovate Public Schools. We have learned Innovate has

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Walton Funded Organization seeking “organize” and “innovate” in the Bay

Parents and community members in San Francisco have called recently concerned about an “astroturfing” organization that has received several hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Walton Family Foundation seeking to “organize” and “innovate” in the Bay. It appears that

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One Step Back, Two Steps Forward–Starting a Black Family Affinity Group at your School

Parent affinity groups can have profound effects on schools. This post about my experiences starting an affinity group at my daughters’ elementary school, originally appeared on Blavity, a an online community of “the most exceptional multi-cultural creators and influencers in the world.”

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Racial Justice Resource List for Busy Bay Area Parents

I’m thankful for all the protesters out in the streets today making it known throughout the land—our city will not tolerate hate! While there are some family-friendly protests going on this weekend, protests in general, are often not a safe place for families with

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A school assignment system for 2016 or the 1960s?

This is a report back from the SFUSD Ad Hoc Student Assignment System Committee meeting November 29, 2016. At a moment when President-Elect Trump is talking about “making America great again” there’s a surprising way that San Francisco is closer

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Who profits from a “broken public school” narrative?

One of the best ways to sell something is to create a problem that needs to be fixed. This is nothing new, as you can see in this old ad which uses the fear of spinsterhood to sell mouthwash. Retromercial: Listerine

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