Who We Are!

SF Families Union is a growing multiracial organization of public school families working towards racial equity and integration in our schools and city. Our mission is to create, support, and ensure high quality, integrated, inclusive, safe schools that welcome all families in San Francisco by empowering families, enacting policies, and changing cultures.  

We believe that students should not be tracked, schools should not be privatized, and all children are entitled to safe and fully resourced schools. We believe in meaningful integration – not displacement – in school communities, equitable power sharing, and reflecting San Francisco’s diversity in each school’s staff and leadership as well as our district’s administration and governance. We want schools where difference is visible, taught and celebrated within an anti-bias and restorative culture. When our children learn and play together, they are building a more equitable and sustainable future for San Francisco that is grounded in social justice values.

When We Win:

  • There will be no “losers” in SFUSD’s school assignment system.  Educational opportunity will not be rationed, and all children will receive excellent educations because all children are worthy. Families will have the security of knowing that no choices or circumstances will deny SFUSD students a great education. 
  • Students will learn with a diverse group of peers, teachers, and staff.  Schools will be culturally relevant and welcoming.  Students will thrive in anti-racist communities and develop the skills needed to work through conflicts, face challenges, and create San Francisco’s future together. 
  • We will have equity within and between schools.  SFUSD will have inclusive family and district leadership, and families of color will be central to decision making.
  • We will have strong publicly funded schools.  San Francisco will reject charter schools and privatization and support excellent public education for all students. 
  • A multiracial coalition of families advocating for equity will carry the work forward, advocating for school boards and district leaders which value equity, and holding SFUSD administration accountable for providing all students with high quality, integrated, inclusive educations.

Our Goals:

  • To organize families for equity and racial justice in schools, as well as building a base of families who can be advocates for each other, for equity and for strong public schools. We will bring together and help to build and support a space for families of color, newcomer, and LGBTQ families and White and more established Asian families to build solidarity and share resources for equity and integration. 
  • Building a leadership pipeline particularly of Black, Latino, Arab, new immigrant, LGBTQ, people with disabilities and/or families with kids with disabilities who can lead for equity in their schools. 
  • Sustain a narrative that challenges racist and other oppressive narratives about our educational system, using blogging, op ed and social media strategies.

Our Principles, How We Work:

  • We are committed to working with families across communities. There’s power in being a multi-racial, cross class and cross city group. 
  • SF Families Union leadership, advisors, and activity participants include families who are Black, Latino, Arab, new immigrant, LGBTQ, disabled, as well as other identity groups like families with incarcerated members.  We notice who is missing and make changes to become relevant. 
  • We lift up the organizing of people of color and LGBTQ groups, and include community organizers in our core leadership. 
  • We prioritize actions based on equity and mutual interest, focusing efforts where the need is greatest. We know that serving the needs of Black, Latino, and new Arab and Asian immigrant students benefits all students and that all children are better off when none are marginalized. 
  • We support and challenge the district and maintain our independence through grassroots fundraising. Funds won’t pay organizers; funds go to covering expenses like space rental, translation and child care. 
  • We pay for childcare because it is professional work. 
  • We help families of all backgrounds look beyond the metrics and stories that reinforce segregation in school choices. 
  • We operate with integrity, fairness, transparency, and good intentions. 
  • We share love, compassion, tolerance, patience, kindness, forgiveness, and smiles to spread joy, harmony, peace, and happiness. 
  • We believe in going together, staying together, and playing together to build a stronger community.


Core team:

Amy Anderson, Davonna Kearney, Sirch Chanthyasack and Julie Roberts-Phung


Teachers For Social Justice (T4SJ), Coleman Advocates, Our Family Coalition (OFC), Arab Resource Organizing Center (AROC), and Gailyn Anderson